Its Over! Banky W Gives Up On Marriage

​It’s not everybody’s destiny to get married – Banky W

RnB singer and EME boss, Banky W is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Nigerian entertainment Industry. He has been question severally by his fans on when he will get married.

Banky W who is always at alert has again replied those who have been ‘choking’ him to get married.

Speaking on Metro FM, he explained why he’s not in a hurry to marry, he insisted that marriage is not meant for every single person.

“The same people who would pressurize you to get married are the people who would criticize you when you fail. ‘Oprah Wilson changed the world but she never got married. It is not the destiny of every single person to get married,” he snapped.

Banky W

According to him, the process of finding a woman whom one would love and connect with may lead to a delay in marriage.

On whether he’s planning to dump music for any other profession, he said, “I don’t know if I would ever dump music for any other thing. This is because music is something that you fall in love with, and it will never really let you go.”


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