┃┗┛ appy☆

┃┏┓┃ New☆

┗┛┗┛ Month☆

Good morning ,I didn’t think to sleep until my time clocked 12:00 am. Then sprang up from the bottom of my heart,Joy that seems inexplicable. You know why? It’s because Today is the beginning of a new month,one that comes with blessings inexhaustible,riches irresistible and God’s glory unquenchable.  One more thing that gives me this inexpressible Joy is that you made it with me through the hallway of August. Some got trapped,some lost,some got stuck yet God’s grace kept you alive for me. And I pray it continues even more,as we get into the hallways called,”EMBER”.  I cherish you with a pure heart,because you mean a lot to me;You are not one in a million to me but you are ONE,coz there is no million to compare with you.  Please carry this sweet quote with you through this month: ” wђєn wє гun alonє it is RACE,but wђєn wє гun witђ God it is GRACE.”    HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!
Thanks for been there with us…



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