Friends, have been asking me this questions; why have you not perform in fuoye and you call yourself an artists. There is a lot of reasons why i did not wish to perform.

Firstly, performing in fuoye as an artiste does not ginger me i like when people challenge me on something i don’t wish to do or what I know and you challenge me on it, that makes me do what I don’t want to but nobody challenge me since they did not know who I am.

Secondly, i don’t rush to  what i don’t know, if I should start performing in fuoye, I will lost many things on academic because I will lead myself to a point where i won’t have time for my academic work were I would be placing my focus on music.

This also cause why have not perform in fuoye. I want to have my first track in Oye with someone which is Myde I love his style of music. My collaboration with him will have to be a hit jam in fuoye

Lastly, i want to let you guys know that participating in fuoye as an artiste, that does not stop me from my acedemic work but to show how talented i am.

Thanks for reading through

Love you all

Gazket Nation

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