Damotize set to challenge mikkibiz

DAMOTIZE set to challenge MIKKIBIZ

Something hot is set to drop as Fuoye superstars Damotize and Mikkibiz are set to challenge each other.
  The duo who worked on Damotize hit single together Og shii are set to have a rap battle.  Last week Mikkibiz won the oyesource cypher season 1 we think for this reason they want to know the best.
   A broadcast broke out today by Damotize accepting a rap challenge from Damotize see below:


So I heard of the challenge to all rappers here man, that shit ain’t about to slide, so MIKIBIZZ, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, Much love for you man but this is what it is, you the champ but u just got a chance to settle all doubts. Just call the time and lets do it. No love then, JUST RAP. May the best rapper win.

Also Anticipate my cypher, DOPENESS FALLING TRU, trust me.
#teamDAMOTIZE #PureRap #DopeCypherShii #OG_Shii #ComingThru #teamFUOYE 

Kindly ReBc till it gets to MIKIBIZZ pls.

We hope to see the winner of this battle and we really hope there’s no beef


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